This product series is developed to keep you warm for many years. The products are designed for functionality and many years of wear and tear, and are created with a timeless design. The background for our design philosophy is the simple fact that there is no such thing as sustainable materials. The only thing that really makes a difference is using what you already have more, and buying less.

Let your imagination run wild: There is no limit to what these products can be used for. Think of them as your go-to around the campfire, on the couch after an adventure and beneath your shell on extra cold days.


You've probably heard of fleece, but do you really know what it is? Opposite to what most people think, fleece isn't a fiber. The word actually describes the appearance of a material, and was originally used to describe part of the wool. By using wool fleece instead of polyester you get all of the obvious advantages of wool, a product made with natural materials and a comfy garment with great insulation.


A downside of polyester is that it is made of oil and sheds micro plastic. Most people know this and still prefer polyester fleece because they think it breathes better as a mid-layer. Research shows that moisture is transported away from the body more efficiently when wearing a wool mid-layer. Not to mention, wool is "self cleaning" and doesn't get smelly like polyester. That means that you can wash a wool jacket far less than a polyester jacket, and save both your clothes and the planet.