It is well known that the textile industry contributes to terrible labour conditions and environmental pollution. By bringing part of our textile production back to Oslo, we strive to challenge that.


Until 2018, Northern Playground manufactured all products in different European countries. We have dreamed about setting up local production in Oslo, but the skills and equipment that were once an important part of Oslo’s work force are now long gone.

Luckily, we found a group of women that have both the skills and the motivation to help us. The Somali women in the Kulmis network are creating jobs and opportunities for unemployed women in our local community. In Tøyen, Oslo we have set up a sewing facility where they produce beanies, neck warmers and other accessories for us.

This project is run without any external funding. Together we wish to build this local production on business principles and create a sustainable income for everyone involved.


Often, companies end up with leftover fabric from production. These are usually just left behind and thrown away. We have created a system where these fabrics are given a new life and turned into Northern Playground products. Normal factories are not rigged for small-scale operations, but the production in Tøyen is perfect for smaller collections, making the revival of these fabrics possible.

Needless to say, we apply the same demands to quality, design and functionality as we do with all our other products.

The products in this project are dependant on the fabrics we find, and vary in colour, material and quantity, making each batch very limited edition.


Well, it definitely costs more than in low-cost countries. We sell our products directly to you without intermediaries. This way we and our seamstresses can keep enough money for things to go 'round. To make this possible, you might have to pay a little more than you're usually used to, but we hope you think it's worth it.