We strive to produce garments that will last you a lifetime. Although, most clothes go through a lot of wear and tear. If you have bad luck and get a whole in your garment, we suggest bringing it back to life by repairing it, instead of throwing it away. There are multiple ways to do that:

1. Do it yourself. It isn't hard, and it's actually very satisfying. See our instructions below on how to repair small holes and how to fix certain zipper issues. We can also send you everything you need. Contact us at repairs@northernplayground.no

2. We do it for you. Bring your product to us, either to our store or by sending it in the mail, and we will fix it for you – free of charge. If your kid got to it with the lawnmower, we probably won't stand a chance, but normal wear and tear can be fixed right up. (Note that we won't repair boxers, panties or socks, but we would love to show you how to do it yourself!)

If you have clothes from a different brand that need fixing, we can repair them for a fee. See our prices at the bottom of this page.


Small holes are easy to fix yourself. To achieve a clean look, we offer thread in the same color as your product to sew the hole with. Just get in touch at repairs@northernplayground.no, and we'll send you what you need to get the job done!


In fabric stores you can buy iron-on patches in many different shapes and colors. This is called vliseline. We suggest ironing on vliseline in the areas that are especially exposed. Vliseline is a stabelizing material. When repairing a garment that is constantly under pressure, like Ziplongs®, we advise to both sew and use vliseline (see instructions below).


  1. Lay the garment flat with the inside facing up. Measure and cut a piece of vliseline so that the hole is fully covered.
  2. Pinch the hole tight so that gap disappears. Follow the garments form as well as possible.
  3. Place the piece of vliseline over the hole, glue side face down. Make sure the hole doesn't open up.
  4. Iron the vliseline on the hole so it sticks to the fabric.
  5. Now you're ready to sew from the front. Use black thread for a natural result, or a contrast color if you want it to pop!
  6. Start at one of the ends. Sew with double thread for more "fill". Make a knot with the first stitch so that the thread is fastened.
  7. Sew from that end of the hole, through the vliseline below, and up again on the other side of the hole. Make sure to sew the stitches close together so that all of the masks in the fabric are caught in the thread.
  8. When you're done sewing, fasten the thread on the inside with a knot. Do this 2-3 times in different places to make sure it's locked in place.
  9. Cut the thread right off when you're done tying.
  10. If you want you can trim the vliseline around the seam, but it's not necessary.
  11. The result: Not invisible, but ready for use and as good as new! A small scar that reminds you of all the adventures you've been on.



Is your slider hard or rough to pull on? In that case, do not use force – this may cause more damage. Instead, apply paraffin or wax to the front and back of the zipper. Move the slider up and down slowly until smooth.


If a piece of the nearby fabric is caught in the teeth of the zipper or in the slider itself, do not use force – this may cause more damage. Instead, slowly move the slider while pulling the fabric out of the zipper area.


We repair our own products free of charge. We charge the following prices for products from other brands. If you have any questions, shoot us an email at repairs@northernplayground.no.


Small holes that only require thread: kr 100

"Hole package" (multiple small holes): kr 350

Large holes: kr 160 (< 3cm) - kr 350 (> 3cm)

Fabric replacement: kr 500


< 10cm: kr 100

> 10cm: kr 150


Larger jobs with a mix of different repair types: kr 500