What makes the perfect trip? Does it even exist? Maybe it is cultivating meaningful conversations. Or disconnecting from our phones and work mindset. Definitely some playfulness. What do you think?

"Buy less. Play more." is the motto we live by. And while we encourage people to reduce consumption on a daily basis, we see untapped potential in embracing our playfulness. It's not the things we buy that bring us the greatest joy in life. We believe it's the experiences and small moments that matter most. This is the essence of Project Playground. Not to go the farthest or climb the highest, but to build relationships, create memories, forget the destination and find delight in the journey itself.

Enjoying the journey allows for spontaneity. In our first Project Playground, this spontaneity resulted in a visit to Bjørnsjø Hell (with an intriguing story behind the name for another time), renting a canoe, and enjoyed a midnight paddle on the longest day of the year.

In Project Playground, everyone is given a challenge. It could be teaching others to make bark boats and racing them, creating a slingshots and shooting at targets, or simply making someone laugh. Our main goal is to play and savor the small moments.

We still don't have a definitive answer to what constitutes the perfect trip, but maybe that's not the point. What do you think?

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