Did you know that a significant amount of heat loss comes from your thighs and bottom? With a built in cushion in Norwegian wool, you can say goodbye to cold butts forever. The Padded series is developed to keep you warm and comfortable where you need it the most, and makes it easier and more fun to play outside when the temperature gets low.

Let your imagination run wild when it comes to areas of use. Stay warm on the chairlift, around the campfire, in your kayak or in the snow while playing with your kids.


The Zipshorts™ Padded is a pair of wool fleece shorts with padding in the bottom for extra warmth and comfort. It also has zippers on each side that make it easy to put on and take off without removing your pants and shoes. Wear it in situations where you need an extra layer of warmth on your bottom and thighs, where you spend some time sitting on cold surfaces or where you need the opportunity to regulate your temperature on the go.


Longs Padded is a great pair of 3/4 length long-johns in merino wool, made in a mid-weight that makes it perfect for all kinds of activities in cold weather. In addition, is has the slightly unusual detail of having a pocket in the back and knees for padding.

The idea was born while sailing from France to Norway. After sitting for hours on end without any cushioning, the crew cut up styrofoam boxes to make padding they could put in their pants. It worked as long as they were sitting still, but as soon as they stood up it was useless. But what if the padding was flexible and built into their clothes?