Let us guess: You've come a long way on this year's Christmas gifts, but have a couple people left on your list who haven't wished for anything and don't really need anything. Sure, you could buy them a book or a shirt just to have something to put under the tree. But it's 2021 โ€“ aren't we past giving physical gifts that the other person doesn't really need? If you agree with us, or if you just need som last minute tips, check out our slightly different gift guide.

1. Save up for a future train trip, and use the next three Christmases to save โ€“ that will give your more opportunities and you won't have to think of a gift for the next three years. Make a card with possible destinations, and spend the next three years planning together.

2. Steal your partners worn out clothes and have them repaired before Christmas.

3. Date night in your neighborhood next time there is snow. All of your neighbors windows should be painted white by the end of the evening.

4. A gift card that never expires. That way the person receiving it can wear our the old clothes they already have in their closet, before they use the gift card to replace them with new ones โ€“ whether that's in January or in 2031 ๐Ÿ˜Š