Our goal is to reduce the world's clothing consumption. We cannot achieve that alone. We could have invested everything in companies like Google and Meta, but we are much more interested in getting our messages across through people we genuinely admire and support. Some of them are amazing at buying less, while others are masters at playing more. Many of them have black belts in both. Explore our co-players below.



Small farm owner with a passionate enthusiasm for boards, both of the snow and surf variety. Even hotter is the commitment to getting people off the couch and out into nature, including through his work with BUA.

With stories like building and living in a self-made cabin using materials from the beach, film photographer Inge is the embodiment of the slogan 'Buy less. Play more.' Constantly seeking new ways to challenge oneself and consumption, both in film and in life at large.



Une is an outdoor enthusiast who loves local everyday adventures with her four-legged hiking buddy, Juster. For her, nature is a mental sanctuary, and she is passionately dedicated to inspiring and helping others get out and experience profound outdoor moments and the mental benefits that outdoor life provides.

Mari is a trained fashion designer who, for the past 15 years, has been involved in conveying the art of sewing through courses, books, and sewing patterns. She is passionate about ensuring that everyone has clothes that fit their bodies and believes that as consumers, we must make responsible choices to take care of the planet.


Ida lives in a van and is always pondering on how to lead a different life, one that can inspire the will and courage for collective change.


Olympic rower with an even cooler hobby: freediving for trash. Martin organizes regular freediving initiatives to clean up the seabed, and he has removed several tons of garbage from the Oslo Fjord.



Rasmus. Boarder. Surfer. Photographer. Dirtbag. Entrepreneur. There's a lot to say about Rasmus Brøgger, but he unquestionably lives life by the motto 'Buy less. Play more.' Whether voluntary or not 😉.

Marine biologist, research communicator, free spirit, snowboarder, gamer, and frustrated with the world. Pia operates on the idea that you take care of what you love, but it's hard to love something you don't know exists. Therefore, she has set her life's goal to talk about all the little creatures nobody talks about. As such, she has become an expert on things you didn't know you were curious about (regarding the ocean) and believes more people should experience the world with all their senses.

In addition to our co-players, we support some projects that capture our attention and, in one way or another, make the world a slightly better place.



With the project 'Light Lines,' Vegard Aasen and Calum Macintyre are on a quest to conquer some of Norway's most iconic mountains, both on skis and with a camera. The goal is not only to capture magical landscapes but to literally shine their headlamps on the environmental crisis we are facing.

Living in a car and embracing a minimalist lifestyle while searching for surf in Finnmark? Magnus Nordmo can. With this project, Magnus aims to make the sport more accessible to the younger generation and highlight local playgrounds.

We cannot reduce the world's clothing consumption on our own. In addition to reaching out to the world through our co-players, we aim to create win-win situations where both they and we benefit as much as possible from the alliance. Therefore, we are committed to providing our co-players with knowledge and opportunities to unlock untapped potential and undertake projects together with us or among themselves. And perhaps with you or someone you know?

If you are interested in becoming a co-player yourself, send us a brief introduction (video or text) and a link to your platform. Email us at co-players@northernplayground.no.

On the other hand, if you know or are aware of someone we should check out, let us know below!