Would you like to own a part of Northern Playground, and take part in our journey of changing the way we consume products? We wish to build on our philosophy of being owned by our customers, and raise capital through crowdfunding whenever we have the need. In 2022 we raised 16 MNOK, and it will most likely not be the last time. If you are interested in taking part in the development of the company, click the link below to sign up for more information next time we have a campaign.

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We have always been owned by our customers. Now we are taking our investor engagement to the next level, and are inviting you to develop the company with us. We are certain that we are stronger if we are open and inclusive, at the same time as being owned by many people. We will of course work, like other startups, towards making your financial contribution grow, but we also want to make sure that you get to be on the inside and influence the development of the company.

Each month, all investors will receive an email where they receive honest insights insights on relevant trends in the company. You will also receive access to dashboards that show numbers from sales, marketing and repairs. In the same newsletter, we will send out relevant dilemmas and challenges. Sometimes all investors will vote on the dilemmas, other times we might have use for your expertise in the form of elaborate feedback.


In 2016 we tried to find investors the traditional way. No one was interested in a small company that made smart zipper products. We ended up asking our customers if they were interested. They were, and since then crowdfunding has been our preferred method of raising capital. Now we are big enough for traditional investors to be interested, but we politely say no thank you, and instead choose crowdfunding as our plan A. In 2022 we raised 10 MNOK. See the campaign here. It most likely won't be the last time.